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Smooth Sailin', Dorothy Gale-in'

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Have you ever seen the Wizard of Oz? It was one of my absolute favorites growing up; so much so, that I watched it once, maybe even twice, a day. There was something about the world Dorothy escaped to in order to discover herself, her strengths, her weaknesses, and even gratitude. What I didn’t realize is how much that story would parallel some of life’s major lessons and end up being a significant piece of my teaching strategy.

To give you a brief lesson, I teach many classes on healing and empowerment and I do what I can to get my students coasting through their transformation with awareness and confidence. You may have heard the phrase “get grounded” before, and if not, now you have. The concept of grounding is one that’s been used through centuries in meditative and spiritual practices.  Think of a tree. It’s stable and sturdy with roots buried into the earth. When a storm comes, the wind doesn’t knock the tree over, but it merely sways with the gusts. The tree is safe where it stands.

This, my friends, is symbolic of life. This is grounded.

When we’re erratic, nervous, anxious, we’re living in a fearful place. We’re not feeling safe or secure whatsoever, whether that’s in regards to our financial situation, our relationships, even in who we are. If there’s no safe and secure feeling, we’re fearful. If we’re already feeling like our safety is threatened, when a storm comes into our life, we’re not going to be rooted like the tree; we’re going to get taken by the chaos that ensues.  When we’re grounded, we know that we are safe and that no matter what life brings us, we will be able to weather the storm. This concept is what shapes the root chakra. Security, physical needs being met, the structure of our entire being is ruled by the root, associated with the color red.  If we’re ungrounded, there is an unhealthy energy (whether it’s stuck or vibrating out of control depends on you) in the root.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Insert Dorothy Gale. My girl since I was 2. Ah, the full cycle still baffles me.

Dorothy is someone who’s entire life was uprooted amidst a tornado (ahem, sound familiar per the above?). When her house finally lands and she feels like she can get up, she looks out the window and does not see her black, white, and oddly yellowish-gray farm; no she does not. She has entered a world of color, full of munchkins, lollipops, yellow brick roads, and a lady in a giant pink bubble floating in the air.

Let’s be realistic for a second.

Most people would beat feet under their bed and hide because clearly we were drugged, right?

But no.

Dorothy Gale grabs her basket full of Toto and dirty chicken wings and marches outside. She confronts these small humans and asks, “where the heck am I and how do I get where I’m going?” Maybe I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea. Dorothy didn’t cower. Dorothy didn’t let the storm take her down, but rolled with it and used her resources to navigate her path. She picked up some friends along the way, (yes she was scared of the monkeys but c’mon it’s 20 something years later for me and I still have nightmares), but the point is, Dorothy stayed grounded. Ultimately, she trusted where the gusts of life brought her and didn’t resist. She didn’t fear the storm, she learned to sail it and did it with eyes to match her gown! Uh-huh, jolly old hound! Dorothy Gale was an absolute boss when it comes to navigating life and the picture perfect image of owning your root chakra. Did anyone notice her slippers were ruby red? Need I remind you the color of the root chakra? (INSERT BLOWN MIND HERE).

Friends, this here is one of the biggest lessons I can teach any human being. It’s smooth sailin’ when you’re Dorothy Gale-in’. Why? Because you trust. You have faith that no matter where the storm takes you, the tools and resources will be provided to get you home. And the best part is, you’ve had the tools all along – down the entire yellow brick road called life. It’s within you. You just need to know your destination and the direction will unfold as you go along. Most of all – you’ll never be without.

I hope this lesson hits home for you and that the next time you’re in a panic about the cards you’ve been dealt, you take a few deep breaths and get your Dorothy Gale on.

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