Mindful Against Mayhem

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

When was the last time you stopped what you were doing, slowed down, and really paid attention to what was going on around you or within you?

It’s amazing how as we go along in everyday life, time and present moments slip past us constantly.

We neglect to pay any mind to how our bodies are feeling until they’re sick or tired.

We neglect to show our emotions or heart any kindness until they spiral out of control or feel pain.

We neglect to give our souls the courtesy of experiencing the beauty and love all around us until we open ourselves up to allowing it in.

Getting caught up in the energy of our mundane lives is something many of us have, sadly, grown accustom to. We get stressed, overwhelmed, overworked and overgrown with toxic energy and buried emotion. When something upsets us, we don’t stop to address it, but we continue plodding forward and entomb the negativity within us to erupt on another day. And this repetitive behavior, which we somehow talked ourselves into believing is healthy and a form of “strength,” does nothing but cocoon us within those poisonous vibrations. 

Every negative emotion, experience we’ve had and chosen to ignore, the same ones that pop up for us throughout the day, week, month or year (i.e. a family member or co-worker who fills you with rage or sadness, financial stressors, hating your job, etc.), every neglected feeling has imprinted itself upon us and continues to remain stagnant in our energy. It’s festering inside of us until it implodes and shows itself as a physical ailment (stress can destroy our bodies), a mental breakdown or completely blinds and blocks us from living up to our true potential and surrounding ourselves in high, positive vibrations.

How do we correct this? How do we reverse this after spending all of this time in monotonous task and energy? For one: it’s never too late to reverse the stress we’ve put on ourselves. All it takes is an openness and desire for change and it will happen.

The key is mindfulness.

Remember when I asked you when the last time was you slowed down to pay attention to what’s going on around you?

When we are mindful, we are aware of the energy around us, we are aware of the emotions within us, we are aware of our bodies and how we are feeling on all levels. When we are mindful, we have the ability to recognize the stressors or energy we don’t wish to experience, honor it for what it brings up for us, address our emotional state without burying it and let it go to get ourselves back on track.

When we are mindful, our awareness awakens and can show us the beauty, joy and love around us that we think does not exist.

Stop right now. Take a deep breath in. Let it out slowly. And just focus on your breath for 30 seconds – that’s not a long time. And maybe even close your eyes.

And once you’ve done that, continue to focus on your breathing while feeling your feet on the ground. REALLY feel them – like your feet are kissing the floor.

Open up all of your senses. What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you see moving around you while you’re sitting still, breathing?

Allow everything to slow down.

And just continue to breathe for a few moments.

What are you feeling within your body? Are there emotions you can feel resting on your chest, your gut, your shoulders that you need to let go? Can you release them? Can you recognize anything around you that's beautiful that perhaps you never noticed before?

How do you feel? Was that difficult? Do you feel a bit calmer or quieter than you did prior to?

By simply connecting to our breath, opening our senses and allowing our thoughts to quiet down, we are being mindful. We give ourselves the opportunity to check in and control our emotions and energy.

Granted, there is much more to mindfulness, but this simple task that takes a few short minutes (and can be done all day, a handful of times a day or once a day aka as need) is an exceptional tool can change your life and your vibration. We can quiet the chaos around us if we just take the time to connect to the silence within. 

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