High Vibes in Low Times

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Today was not an awesome day.

Bet you didn’t think you’d be reading that on a blog of someone who’s "supposed" to be living her best life all the time.

Well that’s the beauty in all of this healing stuff. You recognize that it’s OKAY to have days that aren’t all rainbows and sunshine. And if someone claims that their lives are 100% full of only rainbows and sunshine, then they’re likely not allowing you to see their authentic selves. AKA they’re full of s*&t.

Because everyone has “bad” days. Everyone. But it’s HOW you navigate them that’s the important part on this magnificent, occasionally bumpy, journey.

So how exactly does one keep high vibes in low times? After all, if we want to be manifesting the life we want and to consistently attract positive things into our lives, there’s no time for low vibes! That’ll unravel all of our plans! (She says with complete sarcasm … )

Let’s start with what a vibe is anyway. A vibration is a person’s emotional state that others can sense. We’ve all met someone with not so cheeky vibes before, and wanted to run far away, screaming. And we’ve all experienced someone with super great vibes.

But an emotional state is very different than an emotional experience.

If you are in a constant state of negative thinking and pessimism, your emotional state is not typically going to be one that’s on the higher side of the spectrum because it becomes chronic. That’s the way you are. That’s your constant.

If you are someone who generally has a positive attitude, can see the light in cloudy situations, but suddenly has an off day – your vibe may not be as high in that moment, but you haven’t gone and screwed up your vibe game!

Manifesting books and classes will have you think that if you want to manifest a good life, then every waking moment needs to be filled with positivity and happiness and ladi-freakin-da, and I’m sorry but that’s down right scary. Because that’s robotic.

You are a human being. Not a robot. And human beings are meant to have emotions. That means a wide range of emotions. Not all day, everyday, because then you are bipolar. But if you’re not feeling emotions, then you’re a sociopath.

 Also, I think it’s important to note that when it comes to Manifesting, being over joyed and high strung is NOT a good way to do it either. Did you know that the BEST way to Manifest is to have a steady vibe that’s BALANCED between excited and low? When you’re over the top, you’re typically ungrounded … and when negative experiences happen, you’ll crash even harder. When you’re low, well, you’re not trusting that things are in divine order, now are you?

But when you’re just right in the middle – you’re flowing with the Universe. All is right. There’s no need to be in an overly stimulated energy and there’s no reason to feel low. You’re trusting, you’re in it, you’re present. You give out your intentions to the Universe to bring back to you, and let it go - knowing it’ll return.

Friends, it is okay to feel overwhelmed. It is okay to feel sad. It is okay to feel angry. It is okay to fear things. Without those hectic, crazy days, how are we supposed to appreciate the positive ones? 

I’ll tell you, today was not a very “on” day for me. And I have A LOT of on days. But sometimes, despite how much you love your job, how perfect your relationships are, how healthy and wonderful you feel, you get overwhelmed! And it’s not a negative. In fact, it’s an opportunity, my dear one.

An opportunity to be humbled and appreciate all the good days you actually have.

An opportunity to release anything that may not be flowing with your waves, but against.

An opportunity to ask yourself, “What exactly isn’t working for me today? And how can I change it?”

A friend asked me recently, “how do you keep a high vibe when you have bad days?”

I like to see these days as a gift. To really reflect on what the root of that heated experience is and then DO something about it. Re-evaluate. Re-adjust. Because maybe, just maybe, your soul, or your Guides, or the Universe, or whatever you believe in is working to tell you that something needs to be done, a change needs to be made.

For me? I take on too much and let people take advantage of my time, when my time is valuable. But I sometimes forget to appreciate myself enough to remember that my time is valuable. So I made the adjustments I needed to as a business owner and as a human being to make it work, not only for me, but for my clients. In a way that wouldn’t get me frazzled and where I could still honor the fact that my clients are the ones who allow me to do what I love for a living.

But without that kick in the pants, I wouldn’t have seen that.

Keeping a high vibe isn’t about plastering a ridiculous smile on your face all day like the creepy mom from Coraline. It’s about taking those moments that feel low and raising them up by seeing their potential. You don’t allow them to own you. You don’t drown in your woes and sorrows. You thank that horribly emotional moment and you leave it where it belongs. You don’t’ take it with you for weeks and months. When we do that, that’s when we create an emotional state or constant.

Other ways to raise your vibe?

Cry it out.

Journal about it.

Blast some good tunes as loud as you can and scream sing or rap.

Scream anyway.

Slam on a punching bag

Meditate (Not for those who need more aggressive moments).

Call someone who has a high vibe.

Call me.

Put on a feel good movie.

Eat a pint of ice cream.

All of these have been tested and approved by yours truly.

To sum up:

Someone who constantly has their stuff together does not exist.

Having an off day does not create an off life.

You are a human. Experience your emotions or you will constipate yourself.

When a down day happens, you can turn it up by exploring what the emotion is showing you about your life experience to begin with.

When in doubt, Gratitude is everything. 

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