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Let Your Shift Begin  

If you feel like you've tried everything and you can't get unstuck in your thinking patterns …


If you've forgotten how it felt to be happy …

If you feel hopeless and don't know what do do next …

If you feel disconnected from your soul or self ...

If you're ready to learn how to manifest like a badass ...

These coaching options may be just what you need

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You are a human. It's safe to say you might have a lot going on. If you are feeling "stuck" where you are, anxious, low self esteem, or unhappy, my sessions will help you move forward with empowerment and joy. Everyone is deserving to life their life the way *they* want to be, including you! 

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Friendships, family members, significant others, whatever the relationship may be, sometimes they can be a STRUGGLE. There are multiple sides to every story and sometimes it can be hard to navigate. These sessions are to help improve your relationships and to navigate or release toxic ones from your life. These sessions are also available to couples.


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You are a powerful ass human with the ability to shift your reality and create the life of your dreams. But that can be hard to remember (and even harder to do!) when we get sucked into the abyss of humanness. Let's re-acquaint you to your inner badass! With these sessions you'll be manifesting like a boss in no time. 

Wellness Coach



As an empath and intuitive, learning to navigate the world of energy was life-changing. If you are looking to embark on a spiritual journey or have already begun and need some guidance, I'm here for you. Together we will explore your connection to energy, spirit, healing, life lessons, and more. 

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