Why do I know I can help you?

Because I've been where you've been....

If you had told me even ten years ago, that I’d be one day helping people get their shift together, I would have thought you needed medication. 

​For most of my life, I struggled with debilitating anxiety & panic disorder (so much so that I had to leave my job and drop out of school), depression, substance abuse, low self-esteem, and later on in my life, a slew of toxic relationships and even an extremely abusive relationship. I spent so much of my life feeling stuck, lost, and convinced that I was never going to live a happy life. 


Once I hit rock bottom, I knew that I had to do something. So I started to read self-help books, to explore the world of manifesting and energy, and to experiment with my life (because at that point, there wasn’t much more damage I could do!) 

Through the years I have collected and tested techniques and tools that I now know truly work.

Today, I am empowered, I am happy, I am the healthiest I have ever been. I’m in an amazing relationship with my perfect person, I have a career I love and could never even have dreamed of having when I was young, and I no longer struggle with anxiety, depression or substance abuse. 


Whatever it is you struggle with is something you CAN shift. All it takes is the desire to start. And by showing up on this page, you have begun. I’m here to help you the rest of the way to truly get your shift together. 



"What I admire so much about Brittany is that she has a positive spin on dark, difficult situations/experiences and flips your perspective and teaches you how you can get past it coming out stronger ..."


"Thank you for giving me a nonjudgmental and safe place to heal."